Mindfulness Coaching

Mindfulness  One On One Coaching

Mindfulness Coaching
“What we are unconscious to silently governs us.” – Caverly Morgan
Mindfulness Based Coaching is an exploration and an inquiry into living a life of freedom, compassion and clarity. We will work one on one with the process of conscious compassionate awareness. This involves the practice of being  present and empowered, finding clarity around patterns of limitation so they can be let go of,  and embracing the inherent wisdom that lies within. Rich offers a compassionate approach to personal growth and self discovery. Awareness practice tools such as sitting meditation, guided meditations, journaling, take home assignments and more assist the clients’ journey regardless of age, religious background or level of experience.

First consultation sessions are in person or on Skype and last an hour. $85.00

Next-Step sessions can be in person, phoned in or on Skype. 30 minutes $55.00

Package of 3 sessions $145

Package of 4 sessions $195

There is a 24 hour cancellation fee for all consultations. Sessions canceled within 24 hours of the appointment time are charged in full

"We have plenty to be grateful for every day! All day, every day. Moment-by-moment we are given gifts beyond measure. Some of the biggest—those that allow us to appreciate so many others—are the awareness to see what's going on, the willingness to choose thisherenow, and, biggest of all I suppose, getting our Life force back. Once we start down that road, there are a million things to be grateful for that don't even include the obvious, such as sunshine, stars, the moon, trees, creatures, love and laughter."
- Cheri Huber