Rich Ray – Meditation Teacher – Rich is based out of Portland Maine, offering traditional meditation practice for beginner and advanced students alike.

 Increase your well being, creativity and inner peace with a regular meditation practice.    




“When we stop looking to conditioned mind for clarity, confusion falls away.”

“Rich Ray is an exceptional teacher with a deep wealth of knowledge. His lighthearted manner is truly refreshing but it is clear that his deep devotion to the Ashtanga yoga method and Zen meditation underlie and inform his teaching.” Bristol Maryott

Owner / Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga Instructor, Jala Studio

“Rich is a truly gifted and compassionate facilitator. He brings transparency, heart, humor, and a powerful ability to help people see through conditioned limitations and reconnect with their authentic nature. Rich brings a deep and relaxed presence to sharing his practice.” Deborah Eden Tull

Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher, Mindful Living Revolution

“Rich’s seminar was a tremendous boon to our studio and our students. He expertly weaves meditation in to daily practice and cultivates our natural love of yoga. Rich has a wonderful way of helping students achieve more peace in their daily practice.” Sara Curry

Owner / Director, Blaze Yoga Portsmouth